about us

Summer is hopping with line-ups for matcha lemonades, iced matcha lattes and bubble teas.  Cool seasons attract customers with Classic Vanilla Matcha Lattes, Matcha Fogs & Caramelo Macchiatos. Flavoured matcha transformed a quiet tea store, Three 6 Tea, in rural Manitoba into a popular drink destination!

While Michelle busily dreams up new drinks for the menu and keeps up with the cafe, Megan has been committed to building a successful online loose leaf tea store.  After 9 exciting years in the tea industry, Blyss Matcha, their dedicated matcha business, was born. These two sisters saw the need to meet the increasing demands for quantity, quality and flavour variety.  Their desire is to equip cafes, retail stores and consumers with these transformative and outstanding matcha latte and lemonade blends.